Soil and Wealth is a site focused on vegetable gardening in the Puget Sound region and an urban setting, or put more simply, growing vegetables in Seattle.  Pacific Northwest vegetable gardeners have the potential to grow a diversity of seasonal vegetable types and varieties for spring, summer, fall and winter. In other words it is possible to have a personal year round, back yard (or front) produce stand most years, most of the time. It’s also increasingly likely.

2010 was declared the “Year of Agriculture” in Seattle. The City liberalized codes and permitting requirements to better enable residents to create “urban farms” and community gardens on abundant, yet generally underutilized planting strips and other available spaces. Perhaps more importantly, the City Council passed legislation  allowing residents to sell food on the property which it was grown. Clearly, “Urban Farming” has arrived as an economic activity.

 The economics of vegetable gardening begins with restoring and maintaining soil fertility. Vegetable gardening depletes fertility; diminished yield and quality naturally follow depletion.