Welcome to Soil and Wealth. Until I produce a Welcome page, my journal will be the front page, not for long I hope. I have been busy on several projects, including my own vegetable garden. I don’t actually have any property. I grow on multiple properties. Not always the same ones. It depends on the arrangement.

I don’t consider myself a gardener. Nor a photographer, blogger, website developer, entrepreneur, etc. I do produce medicine and vegetables to sustain me. I am not self sufficient in food, but I have a good reason to believe that I could sustain myself for a significant period of time. In fact, that is one question I aim to explore this year more thoroughly. Eating home grown produce will be a part of the site development.  I know I can produce enough food. The challenge is to eat overwhelmingly from the garden; it takes more effort in a world of convenience and over scheduling.

I actually started digging in late January, and began planting vegetable beds the first week of February. I originally established my beds with washed-sand, and subsequently put them to lawn, so preparing early spring beds is a straight-forward matter even in winter rains. I have some pictures to upload. That is next on the agenda. I checked in on the garden, and a couple of beds are starting to fill in, and a bed of early transplants looked strong. I didn’t wanted to lift the cloche to take picture because it was snowing! The earliest photos are all dirt. Not much to see. I have been waiting for some comparison shots to discuss some successes, and the something other than successes. More soon. I have spent more time on the computer today than I am accustomed.


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Seattle Resident.
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