My name is Gregory Williford, and I am the Proprietor of GroundWorks. GroundWorks is licensed for landscape, light construction associated with the landscape, and permitted for nursery services.  I have 5 years experience commercial landscaping, primarily in the construction of landscape structures. Examples vary and include, pathways, patios, concrete slabs, concrete footings, retaining walls, trellis’, raised beds, boxes, etc.  My nursery experience is extend to both indoor and outdoor operations and associated structures.

My gardening activities are associated with vegetables types for the Pacific Northwest, medical marijuana, and various annuals. I employ a range of intensive gardening techniques, drawing on homestead dry-gardening, indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation, and 20th century organic techniques.  I have been interested in self-sufficiency for more than a decade, and personally exploring self-sufficiency for more than 6 years.  I have been self-sufficient in medicine for nearly 5 years.  The challenges of food sufficiency is not a matter of production in my personal case; it is a matter of giving up my dietary expectations to the realities of the garden; a task I have yet to fully achieve.

I served 8 years in the U.S. Army.

Chronic digestive problems, economic, political and financial studies, and the inspiration of the feminine led me to pursue intensive gardening techniques and offer up my experiences.


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